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I Thirst
John 19:28

The heart rending plea of Jesus, "I Thirst" is seen alongside every chapel cross of the Missionaries of Charity. This scriptural saying became the hallmark of Mother Teresa's mission. For this heroic missionary to the poorest of the poor understood through the gift of grace that Jesus thirsts for our love in order that we may begin to thirst for His Life-Giving waters. For our hearts were simply created for the eternal gift of Divine Love. And so, this fine artwork is an unfolding collage of four life portraits of her spiritual development in learning to love as God loves.

In the first portrait of Mother Teresa to the upper right, we behold her as a young woman surrendering to the call of Christ.   Jesus, ever present alongside her as the Wounded Healer, reveals that it is only He who is able to break the paradox of human suffering, note the crown of thorns is now broken , while He offers the hope of eternal life. In the second portrait, shown as the new foundress of her order, Mother radiates the fortitude as one who will deny Jesus nothing.  To the right of the central portrait, Mary gently offers  the gift of the rosary whereby  Mother Teresa will be nurtured in the art of prayerful meditation upon the Gospels. In the footsteps of Jesus, one will gather the harvest, illustrated by the flowers of varying colors, some of scarlet filled with sorrow, some white overflowing with the joy of love. At the closure of her life's journey, in the lower left, this humble and simple missionary receives the spiritual gift of a perfected love, that is, the transforming union with her beloved, Jesus.  Even the outline of her aging profile, pictured here, takes on the shape of the land she came to clearly call her own, India.

The original design and accompanying story are by Andrew John
This artwork was an assigned commissioned work, Foley
© 1994 Copyright, The Art of Spiritual Awakening. All rights reserved.

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