Mission Statement:
Affirming our spiritual journey through the Sacred Arts.

All too often our hearts remain restless along the journey of life for what will truly fulfill.  To the surprise of many, the solution can be profoundly simple, yet simply profound.  For the gift of human life was meant to be a return journey into the Healing Embrace of God. 

All too often we lose awareness that Our Creator is a personal, tender, intimate, and affirming Love. Our hearts were fashioned out of this Love
, and so, it is only His Eternal Love that will ever satisfy. Simply, life is but a school to learn to love as God truly loves us: To return love for Love. This is the enduring lesson to be learned: the Art of Divine Love.

In this regard, our generation is no different from any other. For we too hunger for a fresh connection with the Creator of it all.

To address this common need, as a gifted group of artisans
, we offer our talent for a contemporary re-expression of timeless sacred truths. This fine art portfolio is intended to be a creative tool in nurturing and deepening a spiritual awakening within. Each unique work of art is the artist's humble gift of relaying a story of wonder a story of wisdom, worth a thousand words.