A Spirituality of the Arts: An artist's perspective

Our spirituality of the sacred arts roots itself upon the foundational revelation that God is the Source of all Love, and that we, as His creatures, were created out of His love for His Love while being called to learn love as He loves.  Our fine art and sculptures of the sacred are our heartfelt contribution to the Christian community in fostering an abiding awareness and devotion to the ever present Love and Beauty of God in our daily life. Imbued with the truths of our faith, our works of creative beauty gently invite others into a conscious awareness and attentiveness to the Sacred Mystery of the Divine Presence ever present in our midst.

We, as Christian craftsmen, strive to infuse, shape, and embody the raw material, whether   stone, metal, or blank canvas, with the form of our poetic spiritual insight and delicate human emotion of beauty, as a humble reflection of the Source of all Beauty. After an intensive process and self-giving labor of love, our artistic creations become tangible points of light, avenues for His grace, encouraging our restless spirits to gather their scattered energies, gently guiding them to refocus and reflect upon the Life of the Spirit within our hearts.

In a spirit of simplicity, this portfolio of art is intended to be a stepping stone of hope and faith along the sacred pilgrimage of the pilgrim's ascent to God, by welcoming one into the healing and restorative process of recollection, meditation, and contemplation. Each creation quietly invites one to "rest and be still" in His Affirming Presence. Wherever their placement, whether in the solitude of a sculpture garden or the sacred space of a chapel, such art forms kindly beckon, draw, and incline a searching heart to be receptive to their  beauty and truth, all the while allowing one's soul to awaken and renew one's inner longing for God.
Simply yet profoundly, such icons of beauty can be seen as graced portals, entry gates, inviting one into a focused awareness upon the unseen spiritual realm, allowing the stirrings of love to move from our natural senses to the sublime, from the tangible to the transcendent.  The fostering of such love for the Spirit strengthens the soul's inclination in furthering its way along the path to God, for is it not love that unites us with God, as God is Love Itself.

In summary, sacred art, it is to be noted, is not an end in itself.  The awe of its beauty is meant to be anticipatory. That is, it is the artist's intent of drawing us beyond the art form itself, beyond ourselves to contemplating and being receptive to the deeper, more radiant Source of all beauty and truth. In doing so, they become avenues, supportive facilitators, for enriching encounters and communion with the Living Mystery of the gift of God's wondrous transforming Presence within silent depths of one's soul.

In summary, we apologize for what may appear as esoteric expressions as we have attempted to capture the ineffable mystery of the Life of the Spirit which simply cannot be harnessed by human language alone.

Assuredly, we shall see in eternity what our faith now proclaims as the deeper and unifying purpose of our lives. Surprised by joy, we shall then see that we ourselves were a part of the Creator's own mysterious artistic and creative process. In heaven, in communion with His Presence, we, ourselves, will have finally become God's endearing and enduring eternal works of  art as it will be His Restorative Spirit that will have gently imparted and delicately carved the Redemptive Image of His Son onto our hearts. In looking upon us, Our Father will have the joy of beholding a living reflection and a return of His Beauty, Truth, and Love.

About the the Artists