Christ Crucified
"Forgive them Father, for they do not know what they are doing."
Luke 23:34

Medium: Light speckled grey granite. Upon request white marble is also available.

Artists: The Artisans of Spiritual Awakening (T.A.S.A.). All rights reserved, © 2004 design by Andrew John.

Sculpture height, width, and weight of the Body of Christ: 6 feet and 9inches; 3 tons.

This sculpture is made with a granit cross measuring 11 feet and 6 inches. Together the weight of the figure and cross is 5 tons if carved in granite.  A secure pedestal mound measuring 3 feet and 11 inches weighs approximately 2 tons is also carved in granite.

Note: Additional photos of all items can be sent to you upon request.

Price: Upon request.

Description: A venerable design of Christ crucified. The wounds of His hands, feet, and side are displayed with droplets of blood flowing from each. The Roman Latin acronym, "INRI", is inscribed on a tablet above His prostrated head. The cross is separately carved (not shown but included) and is crafted to be securely inserted into a hidden metal sleeve located on the top of the granite pedestal (not shown).

Meditation: Upon request