A New Bethlehem Today
                "The Christ Child seeks a sanctuary, your very heart shall be His refuge" Luke 2

White marble. This artwork is carefully carved from one block of marble.

Sculptors: The Artisans of Spiritual Awakening (TASA). All rights reserved, © 2005 design, art, and meditation by Andrew John.

Sculpture width and weight: 4 feet in width; the weight for marble is 2.01 tons. Openings for interior back and side lighting provided.  
Note: Dimensions of this sculpture can be adjusted for the needs of the client.

List Price: Upon request.

Description: Mary offers the Infant Jesus to the world from within the humble cave of Bethlehem (Hebrew: House of the Living Bread"). Gazing upon them is the lone figure of the Paschal Lamb, whose silent presence reveals the Mystery of forthcoming Eucharistic Gift, the Unblemished Paschal Sacrifice, to be offered. Devotion to this Healing Gift of the Glorified Christ requires a liberating surrender and an assent, to the simplicity and elegance of Divine Mystery. Simply, let God be God. Let us allow Him the joy of healing the human heart in His Sublime Way. 

Enveloping the intricately carved grotto is a symbolic grape vine bearing an abundant harvest of  clusters of grapes. On either sides of the altar are two hand carved lattice windows.

Meditation: Upon request

Accompanying poem:
"A New Bethlehem Today"
© 1993 Andrew John

Listen, I bring you news of great joy
A joy to be shared
Today, a Savior is to be born to you (Luke 2 10-11)

The guiding star do you see,
Yes, a new Bethlehem there will be.

"But where," do I hear you sigh,
"For I only know of the one of a distant day"

Hasten for Mary has traveled a great distance from afar,
And all are turning away.
Her blessed womb is laden with a Babe who desires
To enter into this earthly realm fallen in decay.

"But where," do you say,
"Is this a fable of make believe?"

Hush, the Christ Child is about to appear.
He seeks a sanctuary from the harsh indifference and bitter cold.
Will you be one of the few to hear the faint whisper
of the Spirit within… revealing the meaning of this day untold?

"But where" do I hear you say,
Do you not know this Emmanuel has already passed along our way?"

Quickly, listen to His Loving Spirit,
"Open, my child, your eyes of faith
For your expectant Faith and Hope is presently to be fulfilled
By a sacred act of sacrificial love."

Do you see!

Mary brings forth the Savior into your attentive heart!
For this, will be His humble manger where He may stay.
The young Infant, Love Itself, has come anew and seeks
A return, the tender caresses of your very soul.

Do you not understand then?
By every act of praise and adoration, you wrap Infant Jesus in warm swaddling clothes.
By every heartfelt thanksgiving you nurture Him as a mother who loves her child.
By your will, surrendering in trust to the Presence of the Divine,
You present your gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh,

Today, a Savior is born to you!

                                                                        © 1993 Andrew John

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