The Gift of Life
"Mary bringing forth the Light into the world" Luke 2

Medium: White marble. This artwork is carved from one marble block.

Sculptors: The Artisans of Spiritual Awakening (TASA). All rights reserved, © 2005 design, art, and meditation by Andrew John.

Sculpture height and weight: 6 feet and 1 inch: the weight for marble is approximately 1.5 tons.

List price: Upon request.

Description: In the stillness of the night, Mary, soon to give birth, journeys towards Bethlehem, (Hebrew for "the House of Living Bread"). There will be no room to stay (Luke 2:7). Mother and child seek a shelter, will your heart not be His manger? May you clothe Him with your faith, hope, and love.

Meditation: Upon request.

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