"The healing of the man born blind"
(John 9:1-41)

Medium: Bronze (lost wax method). Upon request, different patinas (colors) are available.

Sculptors: Hopkins. All rights reserved.

Sculpture height
Available in three sizes.
  • Collector's size: 17 inches. A limited edition of  List Price: $4,400. A limited edition of 550 are sold out except for ten remaining in a reserved series.
  • Medium size:  Height 8 ½" by 10" width  List Price: $1,800. A limited edition of 950                     
  • Monument size: 7 feet, full figure. List Price: $65,000

Description: A portrayal of Jesus healing the man born blind. Christ's expression exudes both gentleness and authority, as He prays words of healing over this invalid.  Jesus' head is gracefully covered, while His right hand holds the back of the head of the aging man whose face is heavily etched with deep furrowed lines. As Christ places His fingers with spittle over the blind man's eyes,  he receives the gift of sight. The old man's open palmed hands reach out in a pose of awe and surrender. The miracle affirms the Divine Nature and Redemptive Mission of Jesus.