"It is I. Be Not Afraid"
Jesus walks upon the water (Mark 6:50)

Medium: Bronze (lost wax method). Upon request, different patina's (colors) are available.

Sculptors: Hopkins. All rights reserved. A commissioned design and collaborative work of art with The Art of Spiritual Awakening (2005).

Sculpture height: Three sizes are available.

Monument size
7 feet in height.                                                                                                          
A limited edition of 25.  
Price: $48,000.00     
 Intermediate Collector's size: 28 inches.                                                                
 A limited edition of
750   Price: $5,100.00

Small Collector's size: 15" in height.                                                                                        
 A limited edition of 750   
Price: $2,200.00

Description: The full figure of Christ fearlessly strides upon the stormy sea of Galilee. With His right arm fully extended, Jesus reaches out to Peter saying "Be not afraid", bidding the apostle to boldly venture out in faith into the raging waters. The robe and cincture of Jesus unfurl like sails upon a ship, billowing in a blustery wind. Christ's face emanates a serene other worldly calmness. Different patinas (colors) are available upon request.