Mary, Woman of the Eucharist
"My soul magnifies the Lord" Luke 1:46

Medium: This sculpture is shown in a light gray speckled granite. Upon request, white marble is also available.

Sculptors: The Artisans of Spiritual Awakening (TASA). All rights reserved, © 1993 design and meditation by Andrew John.

Sculpture height and weight: 6 feet; the weight of the granite is approximately 1.8 tons.

Price: Upon request.

Description: Mary of the Gospels stands with her arms slightly extended as she displays the Gift of the Eucharist upon her heart. A dove, representing the Holy Spirit, hovers with wings flared over the Eucharistic Presence of Christ. A mantle flows from Mary's head unto her shoulders cascading down to her exposed feet which rest upon an earthen globe. This artist's design is intended to illustrate how we are called to witness to and radiate the Eucharistic Presence of the Glorified Christ upon all those we serve.

Meditation (Short form): In an age when there is so much emptiness through the pursuit of everything in excess, to the exclusion of God, Mary appears as the New Eve, the new Ark of the Covenant. What humanity foolishly pushed away, the New Eve recaptures what the human heart will always thirst and hunger for. With maternal concern, she invites us anew to be living vessels radiating  the Indwelling of the Trinity. Her joy is to be our joy in radiating the self giving nature of the Son, the Spirit, and the Eternal Father, wondrously illustrated through the Eucharist, the Dove, and Eternal Light and Love.

Meditation (Long form): Upon request