"God Bless You! Mother Teresa"

Whenever Mother Teresa provided a signing for someone, it was a treasured moment, soon to become a cherished memento. Assuredly, such a thoughtful gesture flowed from her virtues of simplicity and humility. For it was commonly known, this self-effacing servant deflected attention away from herself and placed it solely upon God. Although, in time, she graciously   made use of such kindly deeds, such as signing a momento, to be her little reminders, reflecting the blessing of God. The words that she would often write were "God bless you!"  Mother Teresa, M.C.

In the closing chapters of her life, as we prepared her for death and her soul's final journey to God, Mother offered this signature as a sign of her blessing to all. The spontaneity of her childlike faith shall not be forgotten, as she revealed, "I now have an arrangement with Jesus regarding such a signing invoking God's blessing.  For every signature, Jesus allows me one more soul never to escape His Eternal Embrace."

Such a pure love, like the ocean tide, can only flow from and return securely to its source, the Heart of God. "Mother Teresa, God bless you! "

The original is hand brushed in pastel by Parker.

The accompanying story by Andrew John

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