In Blossom: the Harvest
 "I am the Vine. You are the Branches."

Beginning in 1974, in a soup kitchen in Rome, Italy, I was blessed with an endearing and enduring spiritual friendship with Mother Teresa of Calcutta, India. Through our times together in the service of the poor, often our personal conversations would begin quite simply but end with our hearts mutually immersed in the Pure Love of God. We shared our thirst to continue the healing mission of Christ to the poorest of the poor.

Mother Teresa loved the parable of the vine and the branches. And at times, if we were near a garden, she would adapt and creatively use a different metaphor, such as, flowers and the harvest.  As a gifted storyteller, she cherished to share and to inspire others with the fruit of her meditations. For example, we are not at the end of our journey once we have grafted our souls onto Christ as His living branches. For then, we are called to be His living channels of grace, to allow His Healing Love to flow through our hearts onto those we encounter. The Master Gardener, Jesus,  urges us to be His loyal apprentices in the harvesting of hearts for eternity through the affirming art of prayer and loving sacrifice. We must learn to bear eternal fruit through the Art of Divine Love.

Mother Teresa knew experientially that there is only One Undivided Love that can ever fulfill the human heart. And that is, the Uncreated Love of God, the Trinity. For in truth, this is the very love that graciously gave us the gift of life, in whose image we are all made and are called to be transfigured. This selfless Missionary of Charity yearned to help every soul know that it can only spiritually blossom in the Heart of this Love.

And once a soul is enveloped in Divine Love, it will be drawn into guiding others into God's Healing Embrace. True love will engender true love. For this is the very dynamic of the interior life of God, the Trinity. The Divine Family loves to share its love.

As you meditate upon this spiritual image entitled, "In Blossom: The Harvest", may you begin to sense the inner joy and singular fulfillment reflected in the gaze of Mother Teresa. As they say, the eyes are the windows into the soul. For here, Mother Teresa is revealing a sublime secret regarding Divine Love. For having secured her very soul to the Vine, that is Christ, she now perceives the more profound desire of Our Redeemer, Our Wounded Healer, which is to pray and labor out of a self-giving love for an abundant eternal harvest. In this way,  the original plan of God may come to fruition: souls may come to know and unite with the Pure Love that from the beginning of life, they were created for.

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The resplendent rosary beads in our prints of Mother Teresa are of varying color. These are representative of the diverse individual souls among the various cultures that are still in need of Healing through Divine Love.        
The art design and accompanying story is by Andrew John
The original art is a commissioned work assigned to the watercolorist Solomon
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