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Contemplative in Morning Glory
"Thirst as Jesus thirsts that all may know and return His tender Love"

The hidden desire of every heart is to love and be loved.

And if the eyes are the windows to the soul, this woman unmistakably confirms that she has discovered the true love of her heart. Not just any love, but the only love worthy of her complete surrender: the pure and undivided Love of God.

Mother Teresa blossomed when she became what is known as a "contemplative." An impressive word, simply meaning one who profoundly experiences, as gift, the Indwelling Presence of God who tenderly embraces the soul more and more actively with His Intimate Transforming, Transfiguring Love. Surprisingly, every person is summoned to this "normal unfolding of healing grace" of the spiritual life.

Captured here, in the radiant portrayal of a "Contemplative in Morning Glory", is our beloved missionary to the poor, fittingly surrounded by the splendor of morning glory blossoms. Each day the graceful Morning Glory faithfully opens to the Light, becoming so energized, she then radiates this Beauty unto the world, to all who pass by both great and small. Refreshingly, Mother Teresa was such a radiant Morning Glory being transfigured through the Light of Christ. Every day was a testament and a legacy to the Divine purpose of life's gift: to learn to love as God loves us!

Be assured the poorest of the poor are those who still seek and have not found, the pure love of the good God within the silence of their heart.

The original is hand brushed in watercolor by Solomon.

The art design and accompanying story by Andrew John.

© Copyright 2012, The Art of Spiritual Awakening
. All rights reserved.

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