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Mary, Woman of the Eucharist
                              "My soul magnifies the Lord."  Luke 1:46

In an age when there is so much emptiness through the pursuit of everything to the exclusion of God, Mary appears as the New Ark of the Covenant. What humanity foolishly pushed away, the New Eve recaptures what the human heart will always ultimately thirst and hunger for. With tender maternal concern, Mary invites us anew to be living vessels of the Indwelling of the Trinity. Her joy is to be our joy in radiating the Affirming Presence of Her Son, the Spirit, and the Father, wondrously illustrated respectively by the Light of the Eucharist, the Dove, the all encompassing Sun.            
Mary's crown are not seven crystals, rather they are seven liquid teardrops. Representative of several of her many sorrows embraced in solaridarity with Her Son for our redemptive healing. If we but follow Mary's lead, our tears of sadness will assuredly be turned into our eternal tears of joy in the Eternal Kingdom.

A companion artwork for "Jesus, the Gift of the Eucharist."

The original design and accompanying story are by Andrew John (1993).

This artwork  was an assigned commission work, Foley (1994).

© 1994 Copyright, The Art of Spiritual Awakening. All rights are reserved.

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Prayer cards are available in a 3" x 4" size .20 cents each.
The following prayer is printed on the reverse side:

Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

        "My soul magnifies the Lord"  Luke 1:46

       Mary, be a mother to us now. May you never tire offering the fruit of your love. So many continue to seek but never find. So many endlessly pursue paths that lead only to emptiness.

       Mary, as the "New Eve", you are the "New Ark of the Covenant". You are our true Mother who reveals through a transparency of heart what humanity will always thirst and hunger for. It is true. Our hearts will ever remain restless until we surrender all and follow in your footsteps. To fully possess what we were eternally created for; to be living vessels of the Undivided Love that is simply Divine. For life is but a school to learn to love as God loves all.

       Mary, Gift of Humility, never cease to intercede for us to restore what we have lost. Light of Faith guide us to recapture and radiate the Source of all Affirming Love. So that, the glory may be given to the Trinity: to the Father, through the Son, for the outpouring of the Spirit of Love.

       Mary, be a mother to us now, for the world has grown cold and weary. Help us to rekindle our hearts with your precious Gift, the Eucharistic Presence of your Son. May our hearts too magnify this Sacrament of tender, intimate Love. Only then, will your joy be our joy eternally.     
© Copyright 1993, The Art of Spiritual Awakening,  All rights reserved.