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Mary, Gift of Hope
"Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life"

Mary chosen to be the spiritual Mother for all the Age's, radiates the Gift of Hope, Jesus, now present in her womb. The surrounding images and symbols reveal the cause of her Joy.

The Virgin clasps
a cross of branches overflowing with heart shaped blossoms which proclaim the approaching healing of our broken hearts through the Sacrifice of her Son.

Among all God's creatures rich and poor,
the humble donkey was chosen to carry Christ. We too are invited to be simple and poor of spirit so as to worthily receive and share His Presence.

Other images continue to provide spiritual meaning for our own journey:
the shape of a dove reflecting light on the water jar may symbolize the gifts of the  Spirit; the bonding of the bluebirds may represent the covenant of love; and the ascension of the butterflies upon a cross and may portray the hope of resurrection…

In summary, we are to draw from the Life-giving waters of Christ so as to forge a bond of love only to be transformed and transfigured eternally through the grace of His Cross.

The original is hand brushed in watercolor by Solomon

The art design and story by Andrew John. © Copyright 2012, The Art of Spiritual Awakening.     

All rights reserved.
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