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Jesus, Gift of the Eucharist
"I am the Bread of Life, he who comes to Me shall never hunger
and he who believes in Me shall never thirst." John 6: 35

In this image one is overpowered by the Love that the Lord offers each and every person. To become our Wounded Healer, Jesus has walked our walk and fully embraced all our sorrows. Simply, it is the Redeemer who fully comprehends our brokenness and has freely become Our Way to Eternal Life. Not wanting to leave us orphans, Christ opens the very core of His Heart. Through the "Gift of the Eucharist", we are offered the Endearing and Enduring Gift of His Glorified Presence as our intimate companion upon our journey home to His Father, Our Father.             
A loving devotion to the Gift of the Eucharist requires our humble surrender and assent to this unassuming mystery of Divine Mercy. Paradoxically for some, a belief in the Eucharistic Presence may be a Divine antidote for the stumbling block of human pride. Here, we are invited through the gift of humility and faith, to let God be God. Let us allow Him the joy of healing the human heart through His Way, not our way.                       
The Spirit of Divine Love and the Father descend to form Christ's resplendent crown and affirm His Divine Glory.

Jesus upon his hand offers the Mystical Rose which may reveal both the gift of His Mother, as our spiritual Mother, and the Gift of His Church, as His adoptive family.

A companion artwork for "Mary, Woman of the Eucharist."

The original art design and accompanying story Andrew John (1993).

This artwork was an assigned commissioned work,  Foley (1994).

© 1994 Copyright, The Art of Spiritual Awakening. All rights reserved.

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