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The Healing of a Nation: Are We Not Brothers?
"Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called the children of God." Matthew 5:9

In the closing days of the Civil War an unsuspecting encounter occurs amidst mutual friends from childhood. It offers the possibility of a remarkable healing and closure to many of the unresolved conflicts that threatened to unravel the very fiber of an emerging nation.

A lone Union soldier in blue, named Solomon, is seen cradling a mortally wounded Confederate. The fallen soldier in gray, Samuel, is none other than the beloved son of the Southern Plantation family where Solomon was a slave from birth, now a weary seasoned veteran of the First Black Regiment of the Fighting 54th . The dignity of Solomon's soul is strikingly revealed as he tenderly consoles and prays the "Our Father" over his "enemy."  In a solemn moment, the moment of death approaching, they come to terms as they accept the grace to forgive one another. Finally, Solomon manages to stutter a sacred plea filled with healing, "Are we not brothers?"

In a dying whisper, the Confederate son utters his last parting words, "Yes…my brother."

The co-title of this moving artwork is appropriately entitled, "The Healing of a Nation."

America, symbolized by its "colors" (the flag) is seen reeling in a profound crisis of identity as it is being pushed up against an immovable wall of stone. Will the indelible truth concerning the dignity of all men prevail?

Yes, but through immense bloodletting.

Captured here is the one true solution that will bring resolution to so many wounds inflicted, if the nation but follow the leading of the Spirit. We are called to embrace one another with the healing spirit of brotherhood and forgiveness.

Sadly, the upper pinnacle of the art falls short in forming a unified triangle of strength, incomplete to our present day, because the healing of our nation is not yet complete.

The original is hand brushed in watercolor by Solomon

The art design and accompanying story by Andrew John. © 1997 Copyright, The Art of Spiritual Awakening. All rights reserved.
Excellent gift for active military, veterans, and as a teaching lesson for civil rights.

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