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The Gift of Joy
"Life is but a school to learn to love as God truly loves"

Knowingly or unknowingly, the human heart hungers for authentic love that is unconditional. Such a love is priceless for it can only be offered at no price. Many a spiritually wise person has intuitively grasped, that nothing, no-thing will ever lastingly satisfy a person's spirit except the Affirming Presence of God.

Here we gaze upon a cherished model for humankind who has learned this lesson through and through. Over the changing seasons of life, Mother Teresa allowed her heart to be purified through grace to render it a more fitting place for the Transfiguring Indwelling of Divine Love. Truly, when such a Selfless Love is allowed to conquer the misplaced passions of the human heart, this love then urges one to share this affirming love "with no strings attached… as a gift freely given."

And so, in this image, we behold this Mother of the poorest of the poor freely giving the Gift of Love to a lost and forgotten child which then becomes a Gift of Joy for having loved in such a way.

The original is hand brushed in watercolor by Solomon

The art design and story by Andrew John.

© Copyright 2012, The Art of Spiritual Awakening. All rights reserved.

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