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Angels Earn Their Wings
"Be assured there is a special Angel Guardian assigned to every challenged child."

All angels earn their wings by accomplishing a heroic act of love for God from beginning to end. This is the inspiring account concerning a challenged disabled angel child. Affectionately nicknamed "Stubby" she is the very last to earn her wings. Nonetheless, Stubby is predestined to become an example of persevering devotion for all special children, accompanied by an ever faithful shepherd dog, "Sophia", meaning "God's Gift of Wisdom."

It finally comes to pass on the eve of the birth of the Christ Child, Stubby's wings blossom as she saves the life of an Innocent Lamb who is the Savior in disguise. In doing so, Stubby becomes the most beautiful angel of them all, by more radically understanding the redemptive task of this Wounded Healer. Jesus will allow His Own Heart to be pierced to purify our scarlet hearts as white as snow. And so, it is this littlest of angels who is blessed in becoming the special guardian of all challenged children by walking their walk and shouldering their pain. Now she is called to teach them that all such obstacles in life
are but stepping stones in learning the healing art of Divine Wisdom and Affirming Love. Never again will they believe in "the Lie" that "they are not good enough or that they have been abandoned by God." And so, together they discover the purpose of our lives, "Life is but a primary school to learn to love, as God loves"

The original is hand brushed in watercolor by Solomon.

The art design and story by Andrew John. © 1995 Copyright, The Art of Spiritual Awakening.    All rights reserved.

Fine art prints are available in the following sizes:
16 x 20 giclee' canvas  -  $175
20 x 24 giclee' canvas  -  $200
8 x 10  art paper print -    $15
20 x 24 art paper print -    $65

Also Angels Earn Their Wings is now available as an adorable children's book for the challenged child, their caregivers and teachers. The Author of the children series is Andrew John. The renowned Illustrator is Vic Carrobotta. The cover art is by Solomon, an endearing challenged artist with multiple disabilities. It is published in a laminated cover, hardbound, 40 pages. The publisher: Mother's House Publishing, Colorado Springs, CO.
Suggested price: $20
Author and artist are available for presentations and book signings.
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